Trade CS Moses Kuria Shares Supermarket Offers, Claims Prices Of Food Items Have Dropped, Netizens React


Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has been blasted by Kenyans online after he appeared to suggest that a supermarket’s promotional offer was actually a sign of the improvement on the steep cost of living. 

Kuria, no stranger to gaffes, posted four photos indicating various price reductions on various products writing, “It’s coming down, down, down down!”

His caption was interpreted as Kuria claiming that Kenyans were now edging closer to affording most basic items, if the pricing on the items was anything to go by.

Some of the items in the series of offers the CS posted include rice, sugar and cooking oil – three items which have steadily risen in price over the last several months and which Kenyans consume on a daily basis.

Unimpressed by the obvious gaslighting attempts by a high-ranking government official, Kenyans told him off, pointing out that they did actually know what a supermarket discount really is and that they could not be duped into thinking that life was actually getting better.

X (formerly Twitter) bigwig @kafangi wrote, “Offers ndio unasema food prices are coming down, sometimes mimi huona kama huwa unatuchekelea!”

Another user wrote, “Really, promotions!!? These guys have these deals like weekly nothing to do with the prices coming down!”

Whilst a miffed @mosesonyango said, “Surely Moses! This supermarket has weekly promotions on selected items to push stock. How do you equate this to the prices of goods coming down and GOK working for Wanjiku?”

The Trade CS has, in the past, gotten into several online and offline tiffs with various sections of the Kenyan populace.

His pronouncements, many of which are sometimes done erratically and without a second thought, have seen him massively dragged online forcing him to, most of the time, delete his earlier sentiments.

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