The Dark Side of DTB Kenya: Audio Clip By Distraught Employee Uncovers Toxic Culture of Exploitation


An anonymous source has come forward with distressing allegations regarding the treatment of staff at Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) Kenya.

The audio clip shared exclusively with features a distraught female employee who has spent a decade at the financial institution, lamenting her decision to join the bank and revealing a profound sense of underappreciation.

The 6-minute voice note portrays a heartbreaking account of the employee’s struggle within DTB Kenya.

The lady expresses regret over the stagnation of her career and highlights the lack of recognition despite her unwavering commitment to the organization.

Her voice trembling with emotion, she shares her disillusionment with the current state of affairs at the bank.

“I have not been appreciated for the hard work and the pushing papers and the leaving late,” she tearfully reveals. “I have been extra tired, extra committed, extra everything!”

The employee describes feeling cheated and longing for some form of acknowledgment for her decade-long dedication to the bank.

Just by listening to her lamentations, it is clear that the lack of appreciation has had an adverse impact on her professional growth and overall well-being.

DTB Kenya Employee Audio Clip

This audio clip provides only a glimpse into the employee’s narrative.

It sheds light on the demanding work environment faced by staff members, including long working hours and unattainable targets, while receiving meager compensation.

DTB Kenya’s management, led by CEO Nasim Dejvi, now faces another uphill battle to salvage its reputation.

This new exposé follows previous controversies that have plagued the bank, raising concerns about its internal practices and treatment of employees.

We reached out to DTB Kenya for comment on the allegations but have yet to receive a response by the time of going to press.

These distressing revelations regarding DTB Kenya’s treatment of its staff have once again brought the institution under scrutiny.

The bank should address these concerns promptly and transparently to regain the trust of its staff and the public.

Failure to do so risks further damaging its reputation and losing the trust of its employees and customers alike.

These allegations highlight a pervasive issue within the banking industry, where employees are often subjected to harsh working conditions and inadequate appreciation for their efforts.

As the saying goes, “Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business.”

DTB Kenya should take this wisdom to heart and ensure a more equitable and respectful work environment for its dedicated workforce.

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