Simeon Nyachae’s Alleged Son Emerges From The Shadows To Claim Inheritance Rights


A legal dispute has emerged over the vast estate of the late former cabinet minister, Simeon Nyachae, as a woman claiming to be his wife files a lawsuit against two of his children.

Margaret Chweya, a 66-year-old American citizen, asserts her rights to the late minister’s wealth, including Credit Bank and various properties across the country.

Chweya recounts her encounter with Nyachae during the early 1970s when he held a senior civil servant position at Jogoo House.

She claims that their affection blossomed, leading to the birth of their son, Roney Chweya Nyachae, who is now 49 years old.

An image of Roney Nyachae
The secret son of Nyachae: How Roney Chweya and his mother are fighting for their share of the late politician’s wealth | PHOTO COURTESY: Twitter

According to Chweya, Nyachae purchased a residence for her in Lavington and even paid dowry in 1960, solidifying their matrimonial bond.

Chweya says she holds relevant documents supporting their marriage and their son’s paternity.

She accuses Grace Wamuyu and Leon Nyachae, two children from different marriages, of attempting to disinherit her and her son by seeking to alter the late politician’s will.

Chweya argues that all wives should be regarded equally, with their children entitled to their father’s inheritance.

“This is not a battle between children but wives,” she asserted in her court documents.

Seeking legal intervention, Chweya has petitioned the court to prohibit Wamuyu and Leon from interfering with Nyachae’s estate and to recognize her and her son as rightful beneficiaries.

She further demands a comprehensive audit of Nyachae’s assets and liabilities, followed by a fair distribution of his estate among all eligible heirs.

The late Simeon Nyachae, a prominent figure in Kenyan politics, served as the Cabinet Secretary of Finance under President Daniel arap Moi.

A respected businessman with interests in agriculture, banking, insurance, transport, and real estate, Nyachae hailed from Kisii County.

He ran for president in 2002 under the Ford-People party.

Nyachae, who passed away on February 1, 2021, at the age of 88, was survived by six wives and reportedly had 35 children, although the precise number of spouses and offspring remains unconfirmed, according to family sources.

Wamuyu, who presently chairs Credit Bank, was previously married to former Central Bank governor Philip Ndegwa before marrying Nyachae.

She has two children with Ndegwa and three with Nyachae.

Leon, a businessman and a director at Credit Bank, is one of Nyachae’s sons from his first wife, Esther Nyaboke, who passed away in 2016.

The case is slated to be heard on July 10, 2023, at the High Court where the fate of Nyachae’s estate will be determined.


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