Ruto reads riot act on Uhuru


President William Ruto Friday said he would not hesitate to act as head of state to stem any form of lawlessness and anarchy being perpetuated by Azimio Coalition leaders.

Ruto especially warned his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta and Azimio leader Raila to disentangle from and stop funding mayhem in the guise of protested.

He said those who are found doing so would be held liable.

“I want to talk to those funding the protests. Yoir children are not participating in the protests, but you’re using your money to fund them. Your children are studying abroad as you force other people’s children to destroy people’s property on the streets and you sit pretty thinking that you are going to benefit from them,”stated Ruto.

The president who spoke at Etago in South Mugirango Friday afternoon said he would go to any lengths to protect children from vulnerable families being exploited to run dirt errands for the rich.

” The same way you’re taking care of your families, making sure they have none, making sure they enjoy decent life, i want to tell you that i have the responsibility to protect the children of the rest of Kenyans,” Ruto said.

He consequently asked youth to audit the conduct of those who want to exploit them to destroy the country.

Ruto, he had at times been hard pressed to explain to conduct of those ripping apart infrastructure done at enormous cost because of self interests.

“We want a nation that competes in ideas not in violence,” the head of state said.

Chief Minister Musalia Mudavadi on his part told Uhuru Kenyatta that he was not above the law.

“We all must respect the law. What is scaring most people is because the president has putrsnsures to revive this country and what is itching them is envy, *he said.

Uhuru, he said bad left staggering debts when he left power and was now sponsoring cases in court to stymie government operations.

“These guys, their time is past and everybody must follow the law and we have a duty to grow the economy,all of us including those who put us in the mess.. Impunity must end so that nobody can disrupt trade by trying to block us,” said Mudavadi.

He described those finding the protests as political vampires who are up to no good.

He told Azimio leader that elections are already behind us and reconcile their conscience with it.

Gichugu MP Kimani Ichungwa and Majority Chief MP Sylvanus Osoro told the president to deal firmly with any form of political thuggery and go for Uhuru if there is sufficient evidence on his engagement with the ongoing demos against Ruto.

” I have seen in the US former president of Trump being hauled to court and even here in Africa we have seen cases where those who abuse offices are brought to account for their sins in court,”he said.

He accused Uhuru of looting the country and using the same resources to fund chaos in the Country.

He said the chaos affected schools as the rich took their children to rich schools abroad.

He told Uhuru that nobody was targeting his family but his criminal activities.

“Nobody is interested in who you support so long you don’t misuse it to cause violence,” he said.

Kenyans are astounded when by the lecture by Uhuru in connection with the raid on his son house.

He said it baffles that someone from the President’s family member can stock more than 100 arms.

“And then you stand to lecture us about people guarding your mother for the last 50 years. Who was providing security for our mothers when you were looting this country?,posed Ichjungwa.
He said protests have no solution to the country’s problems.

Majority Chief Whip Sylvanus Osoro who hosted Ruto told the oyee to stay put.

He said Ruto had won the presidency and should not be swayed by those funding protest.

He asked the president to add him more funds to help in the construction of roads and lighting programs in the constituency.

UDA party Treasurer, also Kitutu Chache North MP Japhet Nyakundi told Uhuru Kenyatta over his tantrums saying he cannot be arming his children as he arms others with stones to carry out demos on the streets.

He also asked Ruto to cascade own the distribution of subsidized fertilizers to the grassroots.

Further, he asked Kenyans to indulge patience to allow his government to

Bomachoge Chache Mp Alfa Miruka implored the president to grant them Gucha County.

He further requested the government to fund an additional construction for an international Airport at Nyamaiya area.

Nyamira Woman Rep praised those who did not heed anti-government protests against the government over skyrocketing cost of living.

Nyaribari Masaba MP Daniel Manduku said the love for Ruto by Gusii people was intense.

Though in ODM, he castigated the spate of protests by Azimio leader Raila Odinga saying they are unhelpful in a country forging the path forward.

He asked for the Ruto to help fast track the construction of his alloted share ot roads in the constituency.

West Mugirango MP Steve Mogaka said he has pursuaded Nyamira people to desist from anti government demos.

Nyaribari Chache Mp Zaheer Jhanda said those f funding protests against the government should be probed and held culpable despite their status in society. .

Nominated Essy Okenyuri, praised the president for supporting women saying they play an important role in nation building.

Said Ruto also appreciated the role played by youth thus her nomination.

Essy asked for the fastracking of the registration of women groups in the country saying it is derailing them from acquiring funds

Immediate former Kisii Governor James Ongwae Ongwae assured Ruto of the region’s solid support adding that he personally stands with him.

Forner South Mugirango MP Omingo Magara on his part asked Ruto to fastrack the pension for retired councilors.

Ruto, added Magara, should be backed by all and sundry being that he had won the polls fair and square.

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