Dear Mr. President,

In 2018, Kenyatta National Hospital was going through series of scandals that involved new mothers, fresh from labor been constantly at risk of rape at the health facility and Doctors opening the head of the wrong patient following a surgery mix up. Hustlers suffered. This called for suspension of the then KNH CEO Lily Koros Tare, a young lady then in her 40’s.

It would later be established that this mess was well organized and schemed by some officers in management that time, to pave the way for a new CEO. The leader of this scheme was none other than Dr. Evanson Njoroge Kamuri, a skin specialist in KNH; who would later become the CEO, and an errands boy of the former president.

After a period of confusion, Dr. Evanson Njoroge Kamuri was confirmed KNH CEO on 15/10/2019 for a period of three (3) years. The 3 years saw the institution go through some deliberate befuddlement caused by the top management. KNH started consuming from KEMSA tenders (a scheme hatched by Kamuri, CS Kagwe and the then KEMSA CEO John Manjari), poor management & embezzlement of public funds was witnessed and substandard medical items found their way to the hospital through KEMSA. Demotivated senior medical consultants left the hospital, staff deaths increased, procurement scandals escalated and employment/Human resource procedures were completely ignored. These monies would be used to fund Azimio campaigns since Kamuri had been assured a CS Health position in the Azimio government. Unfortunately his team lost. Kamuri enjoyed protection from the then Chair to the Parliamentary Health Committee Sabina Chege and CS Kagwe who were his drinking buddies and business partners. His ego exploded

His term expired on 15/10/2023 just when the new government came to power. The then Board of Management Chair and the CEO crafted a plan to renew the CEO’s term by secretly writing minutes which were signed by the Chair (Mr. Ooko) and the KNH legal Affairs Director Mr. Calvin Nyakoti (Kamuri’s friend in crime) without involving the entire board.  

During the three (3) years, Kamuri made sure that all key departments were headed by his tribesmen (Finance – Michael Kihuga, HR-Winnie Mwangi, Procurement – Rose Njoroge, CEO – Evanson Njoroge Kamuri, KNH Private Wing – Dr. Ngigi, and KNH Othaya – Dr Muriuki. This was deliberately done in preparation of a curtail that would later be used to fraud the hospital and public Millions of money.  Some of the directors’ terms expired but the CEO retained them, changed their designations and terms of service to warrant them more stay in the Hospital in a crafty manner.

Come 2023 and a new Board of Management was inaugurated by the current Health CS on 3rd May 2023. The new team has been suspecting his dealings but the CEO has been dishing money to different authorities so as to buy his safety. He has managed to control EACC, PPRA, DCI among others.

Within the same time Kamuri took office, KNH advertised Tender No. KNH/T/67/2018-2019 for Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Support of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System and Supporting Hardware and Software Components: The tender was awarded to Alltab Africa who was supposed to perform as per contract within a period of 3 years (2018-2021). Seven (7) years down the line and KNH has not substantially adopted this system. The CEO, Director Procurement and Director Finance took their cuts and left the institution to suffer. 94% payments have been done to the vendor yet the system implementation is at 36%. Some questionable payments were done as variations.

Previously, KNH has been using FUNSOFT software as their ERP. KNH doesn’t have a license for this financial management software and its contract expired a year ago. The CEO and directors have schemed a way to swindle the hospital Millions of Shillings by opening fictitious companies in the system; payments have been done the whole of last financial year and monies withdrawn and used to buy political goodwill.  These monies are used to buy Kamuri’s stay and that of his directors. Now KNH has lost cumulatively Kshs. 100 Million through this fraud. This has been done with his blessings and using his friends and relatives.

This is not far from the NHIF fraud. The former regime swindled serious monies from NHIF. Same cartel. KNH Head of procurement was seconded to NHIF for two years to aid in crafting deals that will be exposed in a different dossier. This was the same time Covid billions were misappropriated between KEMSA and KNH and upto date KNH has never accounted for Covid-19 donations and consumables from KEMSA.

He is now bragging of how he is safe and guaranteed of more years of making money in KNH after sorting out the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service Mr Felix Koskei. This is yet to be confirmed since he is capable of threatening juniors and colleagues using lies. He brags to have silenced him and the entire public service with Kshs. 20Million last month and another 10 Million to the office of the DP.

After a whistle blower brought the fraud to the limelight, Kamuri now wants to procure a forensic audit company that he can manipulate and get a favorable report. This is despite the country having investigative organs that are able to conduct the investigations reliably. Another fraud and cover up loading. As this is not enough, the management has also swindled millions of public money through the payroll. Ghost workers have been included in the system for the last 3 years. Forensic audit is also required in this. The management has been benefiting from all this. 

We therefore call for thorough and proper investigations into the above matters and hope the menace will be stopped once and for all and personalities brought to book.  Hustlers need accountability.

Wishing you all the best.


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