Kenya: Photo: Have a glimpse at Dr.Aron Shikuku who treated 53 pupils without a coin as Anti-government protests takes shape in Kenya


Africanwitness has managed to get some photos of a Kenyan Dr. Who has won the heart of many by saving the lives of over 50 pupils who were teargassed by the Police during the yesterday protests.

Dr.Aron Shikuku of Eagles Nursing home ordered his qualified team of medics to swing into action and as a result managed to save the kids.

According to our insiders, atleast a bill of Sh120,000 was accumulated but the medic who also doubles as the facility owner decided to have it go for the sake of humanity.

Later, the hospital Ambulance was attacked by goons as it tried to save the life of a city resident who had been badly injured during the demos. He had infact been shot at by the rogue cops.

” Our Ambulance was attacked yesterday evening as it tried to evacuate a man who was badly bleeding, he had been attacked by Anti-government goons, however we have managed to evacuate him and he is in our good custody getting well,” he told our Nairobi based reporter

Yesterday with one on one with the BBC, Sikuku said  that his hospital has treated 53 children for free after tear gas was thrown into their classroom by police during protests on Wednesday.

“As a parent, you positively and fearfully react, which compelled me to act without asking for money,” Dr Aron Shikuku, from the private Eagle Nursing Home hospital in the capital, Nairobi, told the BBC’s Newsday programme.

Healthcare in Kenya can be quite costly with only 19% of the population having access to any form of medical insurance – according to the latest statistics from 2018.

The country’s public hospitals are usually severely understaffed and underequipped while the cost of getting treatment at a private hospital can often lead to crippling medical debt.

Dr Shikuku said the children were discharged after being treated for shock and breathing problems as a result of the tear gas.

He said they were being monitored as they settle back into their school, which is in Kangemi, a slum area in the north-west of the city.

There were demonstrations around the country called by the opposition over the rising cost of living, but they turned deadly.

Six people were killed, the authorities said.

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