Co-op Bank Sacco Honored for Exceptional Management Practices at International Co-operatives Day Celebrations


Co-op Bank Sacco, a subsidiary of Cooperative Bank, was awarded the prestigious Certificate of Commendation and trophy for securing the 3rd position in the Best Managed Sacco Countrywide.

The momentous event took place during the grand festivities of the 2023 International Co-operatives Day and was graced by the presence of His Excellency, President Dr. William S. Ruto PHd, CGH.

Through their efficient management practices, the Sacco has firmly established itself as a reliable partner in assisting members in achieving their financial goals and aspirations.

The prestigious award was presented to Co-op Bank Sacco during the 2023 International Co-operatives Day celebrations, a significant event that highlights the crucial role of cooperatives in promoting economic growth, inclusivity, and sustainable development.

President Dr. William Ruto, accompanied by esteemed dignitaries and industry leaders, took the opportunity to commend Co-op Bank Sacco for its outstanding achievements in the cooperative sector.

During his address, President Ruto praised the Sacco for its dedication to improving the lives of its members and its unwavering commitment to fostering financial inclusion and prosperity. He acknowledged the Sacco’s efforts in providing accessible financial services to individuals from all walks of life and recognized its role in driving economic empowerment within the cooperative sector.

Co-op Bank Sacco’s recognition at the award ceremony not only reaffirms its commitment to its members but also serves as an inspiration for other financial institutions. The Sacco’s exceptional management practices set a benchmark for the industry, emphasizing the importance of member-centric approaches and sustainable business models.

As Co-op Bank Sacco continues its journey of empowering its members and expanding its reach, the recognition received during the International Co-operatives Day celebrations serves as a milestone achievement. It further strengthens the Sacco’s resolve to continue providing innovative financial solutions and fostering an environment where members can thrive financially.

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